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Due to COVID-19, the application process for social security numbers has been adjusted for autumn semester. Please follow these steps if you need to apply for a social security number (SSN):

  1. Print this form oia.osu.edu/pdf/SocialSecurityRequestForm.pdf and take it to your employer for their signature. The Social Security Administration is still requiring wet signatures – digital signatures will not be accepted.
  2. Schedule an appointment to drop off your Employment Verification Letter for signature at OIA: go.osu.edu/int-stu-pickup-appt. EVLs can only be dropped off Monday – Thursday; they will be ready for pick up only on Fridays.
  3. Schedule an appointment to pick up your completed form the following Friday: go.osu.edu/int-stu-pickup-appt
  4. Once you have the completed form with signatures from both your employer and OIA, please call the local Social Security Administration Office at 1-866-964-1723 to schedule a short in-person appointment. They are only taking appointments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at this time. You will need to bring the following documents with you to your appointment:
    1. Passport
    2. I-94 (print at cbp.gov/i94)
    3. I-20 or DS-2019
    4. Completed Employment Verification Letter
    5. Completed Form SS5 (print at ssa.gov/forms/ss-5.pdf)
  1. Please note that you can begin employment without having the SSN. Once you receive your SSN, you must
    1. Upload a copy of your SSN on the Registrar’s website
    2. Provide a copy of the card to the Human Resources Officer for the department with which you are working at Ohio State

If you require an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), OIA will be scheduling limited in-person appointments later in the semester.

Priya White visits Iguaçu Falls during her Semester at Sea study abroadA Fisher College of Business marketing major, Priya White studied abroad via Semester at Sea during autumn semester 2019.

“I have always loved to travel so going into college I knew that I wanted to study abroad at some point. With Semester at Sea I got the chance to explore 10+ vastly different countries and learn about different cultures and lifestyles around the world. It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that taught me what it means to be a global citizen."

"For me, being a global citizen means being aware of issues and cultures throughout the world and understanding how different communities derive and connect with each other. One of the most important things in the path to recognizing what global citizenship means, is being willing to open your mind and heart to learning about and embracing new cultures without too much judgement.”

Four Brazilian universities have listed The Ohio State University as a partner for the new Brazilian government funding system, CAPES PrInt. CAPES is a foundation connected with the Ministry of Education in Brazil.

This $60-million-dollar, four-year program aims to promote the development of strategic internationalization plans as a means to improve the quality of Brazilian graduate courses and to draw greater international visibility to scientific research carried out in Brazil.

Opportunities include Brazilian graduate students interested in being visiting scholars abroad and graduate students wanting to be visiting scholars in Brazil, as well as Brazilian faculty nominating their foreign collaborators as visiting faculty in Brazil.

To help Ohio State faculty and graduate students interested in these Brazilian universities and share how CAPES PrInt could foster collaborations, the Brazil Gateway, with the support of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and the Global One Health initiative, hosted an online workshop series comprised of four separate webinars, one with each university.

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The Brazil Gateway team connects with Brazilian companies, nonprofits and government offices that might be interested in offering internships positions to Ohio State students. Due to COVID-19, virtual internships have become possible.

Ozonean COMET, a consulting company part of a startups, technology and innovation ecosystem through its partner, MasterInt. Group, which is a Brazil-based international business in strategy, management and marketing, hired two Ohio State students to work on a market research project for Awí SuperFoods.

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Reem Bastaki, Ohio State alumna and engineer at the National Petroleum Company, began creating ear savers for medical workers in Kuwait after seeing similar devices being made abroad.

Bastaki was an international student, who completed her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State’s College of Engineering in 2012.

Bastaki began crocheting and knitting her own versions of ear savers and distributing them free of cost to those in need of them.

“I started the initiative of crocheting ear savers for front liners on April 27,” said Bastaki. “From the third day of announcing the voluntary work through my Instagram page, the request for orders exceeded 450, and it was hard for me to do it all alone—so I asked for help from crochet community in Kuwait and the respond was beyond my expectations.”

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Established in 1993, the MBA Tour connects students with leading business schools from around the world. The Brazil Gateway will represent the Fisher College of Business during the virtual MBA Tour events in Latin America this year.

In addition to the full-time MBA program, Fisher promotes its part-time MBA for working professionals, an executive MBA and specialized masters’ in accounting, business logistics engineering, business operational excellence, human resources management and finance.

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Marina Miquilini

In this feature series, the Brazil Gateway will be spotlighting new Brazilian students who will be attending Ohio State. We are sure they will do great things at Ohio State! Join us in welcoming these new Buckeyes!

My name is Marina Miquilini, and I graduated from the University of São Paulo with an agronomy engineering major and a minor in animal sciences. During the last semester of my undergraduate degree, I had the great opportunity to work with Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences faculty Alejandro Relling and Marilia Chiavegato as a visiting scholar. After learning more about Chiavegato's research area, I realized that as a professional I could do more than increase animal productivity while reconciling this with a sustainable intensification of agricultural systems through practices that minimize environmental impacts. And so, I applied for the master's degree in animal science at Ohio State under the guidance of Chiavegato.

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Valdeoso PattersonValdeoso Patterson participated in the Higher Education in Brazil study abroad program organized by the College of Education and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) that was in Salvador, Brazil last March. 

The study abroad program to Brazil was one of the single greatest experiences that I have had in my life. I loved being able to learn about a new culture especially from people who are a part of that culture and in their own country. Brazil is a beautiful place and the people there are even more beautiful. Hearing accounts from people who had been on the trip in the past is what inspired me to apply for it. Because of this, once I got accepted, I had high expectations for the experience I would go on. All of those expectations were surpassed.

The staff that accompanied us students on this trip were, simply put into one word…amazing. Our Resident directors, Grace Johnson, chief of staff at ODI, Dan Thomas, program director, James Moore III, PhD, vice Provost for diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer, did a great job of leading us and were always there for us. I felt as if I had been a part of their families and known them for years. I also couldn’t ask for a better Godmother than Clara Ramos. She’ll always be a part of my memories.

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Rachel Rothstein studied abroad via Semester as Sea in 2019.Rachel Rothstein is a strategic communications major who studied abroad via Semester at Sea, visiting 11 countries, for spring semester 2019.

It’s hard to put into words the massive impact Semester at Sea had on me. It is a once-in-lifetime experience, and I’m so fortunate to have had the opportunity. Everyone says SAS will change you. You get to discover yourself while discovering the world. I don’t think it changed who I am, though. I think it allowed me to truly become myself.

From the friendships I made to the places I saw and the lessons I learned, I figured out who I am and the type of person I want to continue to be. Looking at things from all perspectives is such an important life lesson but one that can be difficult to learn. SAS taught me the true meaning of culture and how to view the world from cultures other than my own. Being able to do this has helped me grow as a person and become a global citizen.

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Atita Shetty, Master of Architecture (2009), principle architect with Tranziens Atelier and visiting faculty at Raffles Design Institute in Mumbai, India, participated in a panel discussion “Strategies for a Successful Return to India: Career and Cultural Readjustment after U.S. Study,” with USIEF (United States-India Educational Foundation) and EducationUSA’s University Prep-a-thon series.

Targeted towards admitted undergraduate and graduate students who will begin their U.S. higher institution education in autumn semester 2021, the series provides resources to students and their families and gives students a first-hand and comprehensive perspective on transitioning to U.S. higher institutions and cultures.

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