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Vietnamese International Student Association - Taste of OSU 2011

Vietnamese Leaf Hat Dance

The Vietnamese International Student Association performs the "Vietnamese Leaf Hat Dance" at Taste of OSU on January 28, 2011 on the campus of The Ohio State University. Vietnam has developed a distinctive art of dancing which partly reflects the Vietnamese's perceptions of life and estheticism. Among diverse traditional Vietnamese dances, the students chose the Female Hat Dance with nine Vietnamese girls in traditional dresses ('ao dai' /ao zdai/) and conical leaf-hats ('non la') to present Vietnamese culture to their American and international friends at OSU. The combination of their traditional dress and conical hat and the art of dancing is expected to provide an image of a graceful Vietnamese culture. The dance will be performed to the music of a song telling a Vietnamese folktale about a young couple who became a well-known mountain and river in the North of Vietnam for the eternity of their love.

Vietnamese International Student Association - Video on Facebook