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Reflections of La Sagrada Familia

Reflections of La Sagrada Familia - Photographer Stacy Orbaker

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: March 2019
Photographer: Stacy Orbaker
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Staff
Category: Places
Award: 2nd Place

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In the artist's own words: "Barcelona Spain is well known for the Basilica, La Sagrada Familia. I have had the pleasure of visiting it several times over the course of its ongoing construction. With each visit my heart is filled with joy, hope and wonder. I marvel at the intentional connection between earth and heaven. My eyes notice color and details in unconventional places. This image captures such an instant. As I marveled at the color and light, I notice this color and light being reflected from the pipe organs on the Apse. This image captured only a fraction of the beauty reflected back."