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Striking a Pose

Striking a Pose - Photographer Mark Moritz

"Striking a Pose"
Location: Cameroon
Date: March 2011
Photographer: Mark Moritz
University Affiliation: Faculty
Home Country: United States
Category: People
Award: 1st Place

In the artist’s own words: "We have been studying pastoral mobility in the Far North Region of Cameroon at different spatiotemporal scales using spatial and ethnographic analyses. We have followed herders on daily herd movements from 6AM to 6PM during which herders are continuously on their feet. They rest their body by striking one of few characteristic herder poses in which they lean their body on their herding stick. The poses are an excellent example of embodied culture; they easily distinguish herders from farmers. Here a Fulɓe herder demonstrates one of these characteristic poses in his best clothes before leaving for wedding festivities in another camp."