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Kisha e Thethit

"Kisha e Thethit" by photographer Nathan Peachman

"Kisha e Thethit"
Location: Theth, Albania
Date: September 2022
Photographer: Nathan Peachman @nathanpeachman
Ohio State Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Home Country: United States
Category: Places
Award: 1st Place
2022 International Photography Exhibition

Description: "High in Accursed Mountains lies Theth National Park, located in Shkodër County, Albania. The famed Kisha e Thethit was built in 1892. A popular Albanian story recounts this church, and the people of Theth as religious outcasts who ventured deep into the Accursed Mountains to practice catholicism undisturbed. Mystery has always surrounded Albania, and stories like these drew me to the country. And deep within Albania, I was shown a truly breathtaking place."