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Pilgrimage in Tibet

Pilgrimage in Tibet - Photographer Zheng Guan

"Pilgrimage in Tibet"
Location: Tibet, China
Date: May 2020
Photographer: Zheng Guan
University Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Home Country: China
Category: Arts & Culture
Award: Honorable Mention

In the artist’s own words: "This is the first time I saw pilgrimage in my life when I was traveling from Chengdu (Szechwan, China) to Lhasa (Tibet, China), and I found this tradition is popular in Tibet as I saw other groups of them later in my journey. I asked some of them about the reasons for doing things like taking three steps with a kowtow and traveling for thousands of miles only on foot. They told me that this tradition is only for the Tibetan Buddhist who thinks that this is a way to show the pious to the Buddha, which could bless their families and bring luckiness to themselves."