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Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven - Photographer Dan Reeve

Location: Pura Lempuyang Temple, Bali, Indonesia
Date: December 2018
Photographer: Dan Reeve
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Staff
Category: People

In the artist's words: "For my 40th birthday my wife and I took a 3 week trip to Bali Indonesia. We traveled the entire island and took in many of the sights. One of the most amazing places you can visit is the Pura Lempuyang temple. The temple itself is not that large, and not that interesting except for this one spectacular view/photo opportunity. Dubbed the "Gates of Heaven" by westerners this is truly magical. This photo is straight off a iPhone 7. No filters or alterations have been made to the picture. (and yes that's me doing the goofy jump) You must make it to Bali if you ever have the chance."