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The Orthodox Vision

The Orthodox Vision - Photographer Eleni Volas

Location: Pefkis Iconography, Kalambaka, Greece
Date: June 2019
Photographer: Eleni Volas
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Category: Arts & Culture
Award: People's Choice
Award: Honorable Mention

"This photo depicts a man who is precisely painting a Byzantine Icon at Pefkis Iconography in Kalambaka, Greece at the foothills of Meteora. The icons made here are all hand painted on a hand picked piece of carved wood. The man who is painting the icon was brought up into this family business to paint these icons that are sold to people and churches all around the world. The wood that is used is from trees that are found in this region of Greece that include, oak, pine and olive. The paint is all natural and powder based. I took this photograph because I felt that these marvelous icons were such an amazing depiction of both arts and culture. Greece is one of the many religious places in the world that practices Orthodox Christianity. These icons are painted in a Byzantine style that depict scenes from the Bible as well as patron saints. I also took this photo because it was unlike anything I've ever scene before. This photograph is very meaningful to me because all my life I have been surrounded by these icons whether it was in my home or when I went to church but never have I seen the process of these beautiful works of art that are such a large part of my Greek culture."

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