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Ferry to Future

Ferry to Future - Photographer Alexander Wang

"Ferry to Future"
Location: Penglai, China
Date: 2020
Photographer: Alexander Wang
University Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Home Country: China
Category: Places
Award: 2nd Place

In the artist’s own words: "This site is called Eight Immortals Crossing Ferry, sitting in Penglai, China. The Ferry is famous for the famous Taoist folklore‚ Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea‚ which depicted how eight different immortals of Taoism used their own superpower and skills to cross the sea and fight with devils to keep citizens safety. This ferry is a gourd-shaped island, which in Taoism blesses a safe and sound trip in the sea. Two buildings on the island are typical Taoist temple, enshrines eight immortals. Now the Ferry is a travel destination and inherits the spirit of trusting in your own ability to change life. In front of COVID-19, we are standing at life's ferry, so trust ourselves that we can make it and succeed in the future."