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Smiling through the burn

Smiling through the burn - Photographer Stacy Orbaker

Location: Valencia, Spain
Date: March 2016
Photographer: Stacy Orbaker
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Staff
Category: Arts & Culture
Award: Honorable Mention

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"The festival known as Fallas concludes with La Cremá on March 19th (Saint Joseph's Day). Each neighborhood celebrates by burning the monument that they had worked diligently to create over the course of the past year. Without pause, the Fallero/a light the fuse of fireworks thus causing the monument to become inflamed. Having befriended this neighborhood, I was sure to be present for la cremá. Being able to personally observe this tradition amongst friends was a memory I will treasure for eternity. Filled with emotions, I stood watching the intricate monument burn. The smile on the clown reminds me of the smile in the hearts of the Fallero/a despite the tears on their cheeks. Encapsulated by flames, a smile shines through as a new year of planning begins."