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Pirates! - Photographer Jennifer Morris

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Date: May 2019
Photographer: Jennifer Morris
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Staff
Category: Places
Award: Honorable Mention

In the artist's own words: "I was watching the sunset from a Croatian pier used in Game of Thrones (Blackwater Bay, to be specific). I waited for the perfect light to coat the craggy cliffs, while thinking of clever references to Westeros. Just as the sun was setting, a pirate ship came swashbuckling by, teetering and tottering with the rough sea. Hurrying around to make sure I caught just the right light, only to be made more perfect by a pirate ship's evening sail. One can only imagine who was on board, perhaps pirates, perhaps someone making their getaway with a load of gold doubloons. Perhaps a landlubber who's in way over his head or a couple of other scallywags. I'll never know, but that's the best part."

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