Global Option

The Global Option is a curriculum enhancement program to internationalize the students’ learning experiences at The Ohio State University.

The Global Option is a key component of Ohio State's strategy for institutional internationalization as presented to the President and Provost's Council on Strategic Internationalization. The Provost's Council approved the Global Option concept on October 17, 2011 and the Council of Academic Affairs (CAA) approved the general framework on October 9, 2012. Since then seven Colleges and one school have begun offering a global option program to their students (see list below). All programs are integrated into students’ academic plans without adding time to graduation.

Global Option Programs

Each College, school or unit has designed its own curriculum based on an articulation of the following broad global competencies:

The Office of International Affairs collaborates with all Colleges or units on their program planning and implementation. The academic program in each participating College/unit meets the following general criteria:

For further information and assistance in developing a unit specific Global Option program, please contact Esther E. Gottlieb, PhD, at or 614-292-6392.

Global Option Presentation

Internationalizing the student learning experience

Global Option - Undergraduate Programs

Global Option programs in discussion

Global Option - Graduate Programs

Other programs modeled on the Global Option