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Reflection - Photographer Cynthia Groves

Location: London, England
Date: August 2018
Photographer: Cynthia Groves
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Category: People
Award: 2nd Place and People's Choice

Facebook - Reflection

"I submitted this picture because it made me think deeper of the world around me even though I was the one to take the picture. The original intention was because of the people walking in front of the carousel, it has the feeling of we are in the past; but the reflection pushed me further into thought. This made me think about how we have come so far with our ideals within our time period, how we have changed so much. But really we are a reflection of our own past times, we are stuck in the past. We think we have taken a whole new picture but really we've only taken the same one but in a different angle and called it different. This could pertain to any of area of our lives or culture."