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Rolling Through Røkland

"Rolling Through Røkland" by photographer Victoria Piper

"Rolling Through Røkland"
Location: Røkland, Norway
Date: December 2022
Photographer: Victoria Piper
Affiliation: Alumni
Home Country: United States
Category: Places
2023 International Photography Exhibition

"You're on a train. You've been on this train long enough to see the sun both rise and set. In between those two events you saw so much of the Norwegian countryside: frozen rivers, frosted trees, and majestic mountains. You’re starting to believe in stories of trolls and dragons. Stopped at a station you put your face up to the glass to peer into another life, the few rare houses at the base of a mountain, and wonder what their tale is. The glow from the windows suggests warmth yet feels haunting. I pull away and the moment comes with me."