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Field Trip to the Museum

"Field Trip to the Museum" by photographer Miles Feinknopf

"Field Trip to the Museum"
Location: Kanazawa, Japan
Date: May 2023
Photographer: Miles Feinknopf @miles.feinknopf
Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Home Country: United States
Category: People
2023 International Photography Exhibition

"This photo captures a couple of school girls browsing an art exhibit at the Kanazawa Museum of Contemporary Art. While it may appear as though they are peering out of a window into a wooded forest or jungle, it actually is a canvas with a very high resolution image printed onto it. The lack of frame around the canvas makes it further blend into the wall making it truly appear to be an opening beyond. Beside this, I felt the matching uniforms spoke to the traditions and expectations of school children in Japan and wanted to capture the way in which the students experienced the gallery."