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Calm in the Chaos

Calm in the Chaos - Photographer Clay Sneller

Location: Morogoro, Tanzania
Date: November 2016
Photographer: Clay Sneller
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Faculty
Category: People
Award: Honorable Mention

"Africa is the most different place I have been. I find the people, culture and the hectic, crowded cities endlessly fascinating. I take many people pictures that I use as staring points for oil paintings. Often the pictures are bad but have good face or clothes for the further art. I was sitting at a cafe, snapping bad pictures through the traffic, often to find the face I wanted was blocked by a car. But then this one happened. The pedestrians in these cities move calmly through all of the crowds, traffic, and chaos of these roads, just taking in all in stride. This picture shows the way they ignore the bustle and move in their own world."

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