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Women Bazaar

2011 International Photography Exhibition
“Women Bazaar”
Location: Konya, Turkey
Photographer: Gulsah Bilge
Home Country: Turkey
University Affiliation: Graduate Student
Category: Places
Award: Honorable Mention

In the photographer's words: "While I was naming the photo, I thought to say Melike Hatun Bazaar because of the current formal name of this place. However, I chose Women Bazaar, known by everybody in this region, to show how ironic that there is no woman in this Bazaar right now. A long time ago, village women used to sell fresh vegetables and fruits that they grew in this Bazaar. They made their living bringing and selling food that they picked up from morning to night. As time went by, the government decided to built new stores and sell these stores to different tradesmen. It was an end for village women to come here. These days, there are still some women around Women Bazaar who do not prefer coming in and selling their items. They would rather stay outside of the Bazaar and wait for their customers. I need to say that, even though women cannot bring their fresh food that they personally grow, the food in this Bazaar is still delicious, fresh and mouth-watering."

Women Bazaar