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Young Fisherwoman Makes her Living on a Boat

2005 International Photography Exhibition
“Young Fisherwoman Makes her Living on a Boat"
Location: Hong Kong
Photographer: Wingki Lee
Category: People
Award: Honorable Mention

In the photographer's words: "This picture was taken after I had a great meal in a seafood restaurant. When I saw this young woman, who is probably in her early 30's, selling seafood on a boat in such fuming hot weather, I felt a little bit guilty. This was because it made such a big contrast with me. The meal that I had was probably worth half of the money she could make on that day. I am not trying to show off, but what I want to point out is that not working in air condition, where she didn't even have a place to sit, and standing on something moving up and down constantly, would be hard for a man, not even to mention a woman. What she could earn was not that much honestly. Woman in 30. Working as a fisherwoman does not sounds very promising, but this reminds me that not everyone is born with fortune."