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Woodcutter's Rest

2004 International Photography Exhibition
“Woodcutter's Rest”
Location: Mosquitia region, eastern Honduras
Photographer: Kendra McSweeney
University Affliation: Faculty
Category: People
Award: 2nd Place

In the artist's own words: “This photo shows Ignacio Ortiz, a 24-year old Tawahka Indian, taking a well-deserved break during Day 4 of constructing a traditional dugout canoe from a huge (5'diameter) mahogany tree. As a tropical hardwood, working mahogany requires tremendous skill and strength of the axe-handlers. I joined this canoe-making expedition for research purposes in 1998. This was one of the last cigarettes I'd brought; I knew they'd be a much-appreciated luxury in between this brutal work.”

Woodcutter's Rest