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English Conversation Program

The English Conversation Program (ECP) is for students who like meeting other students from around the world. International and domestic students have the opportunity to expand their worldviews, improve their intercultural communication skills and make friends from different cultural backgrounds.

Students are put in groups of four or five based on their availability and diversity of backgrounds to meet throughout the semester to have great conversations and experiences. ECP will also provide exclusive field trips and activities for all ECP members.

Our goal is to provide the environment and opportunities for all Ohio State students to develop interpersonal skills, have meaningful conversations and meet new people face-to-face.

Please note that the English Conversation Program is only for current Ohio State students.

If you are interested in improving or teaching spoken English, the Language Improvement Track (LIT) focuses on English fluency, slang, culture and grammar.

  • Meet new people! This program is for domestic and international Ohio State students who like meeting other students.
  • Intercultural communication. The world is becoming more interconnected every minute, and working in diverse environments has become an invaluable job skill. It's also exciting to view the world through someone else's eyes.
  • Interpersonal communication. It is not enough to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas, but also to include those of others to communicate effectively.
  • Improve spoken English skills. The best way to improve a second language is to have meaningful usage in a fun, supportive space.
  • Exclusive events. We invite all our members to hang out and do different activities together at no cost – canoe trips, dance parties, social gatherings, nature hikes, ice skating and more!
  • Extra-curricular experience. Gain valuable leadership experience as a facilitator – or aim higher and apply for our ECP Student Leadership team.
  • Student-led. Our student leaders do everything: arrange conversation groups, plan trips and events, recruit members, work with Office of International Affairs staff, and more, which provides a great experience for anyone interested in international affairs and education.
  • Be present and be yourself! ECP conversation groups are supportive and judgment-free zones where you can find your voice.

First, register online at the beginning of autumn or spring semester. Then, the ECP leadership team will organize over 200 students into conversation groups. Each ECP group has three or four group members plus a facilitator. Members are chosen according to their nationality, age, shared interests and availability. Many people join ECP because they want to meet students from around the world, and we try to make groups as diverse as possible.

An ideal ECP participant is eager to meet new people, learn from their peers and step outside their comfort zone. Responsibilities include:
  • Attend the mandatory orientation at the beginning of each semester to familiarize yourself with the program and your group.
  • Communicate effectively with your facilitator and group members, responding to all messages ASAP (no later than 12 hours). Download and join GroupMe to utilize for communication.
  • Meet with your group throughout the semester (at least five times, but more is encouraged).
  • Attend as many ECP events as possible.
  • Come prepared to share. Be curious. Ask questions!

An ideal ECP facilitator is interested in leadership, motivated to bring students together, and committed to cultivating good experiences for all group members. Responsibilities include:
  • Attend mandatory orientations at the beginning of each semester.
  • Plan group meetings regularly (find a convenient time and place for members to meet).
  • Download and join two GroupMe groups: your group and the facilitator-coordinator group.
  • Respond to emails and messages from fellow group members and ECP coordinators ASAP (no later than 12 hours).
  • Try to encourage ALL group members to engage in conversation.
  • Update coordinators about recent group meetings on a regular basis (taking and sending pictures).
  • Have fun!