Global Education

Internship or Work Abroad

The Office of International Affairs and other departments at Ohio State sponsor a number of credit bearing international internship programs. Work experiences abroad are not facilitated by the Office of International Affairs, and it is your responsibility to conduct any and all research on potential employers. 


Ohio State-approved internship opportunities

Ohio State offers several opportunities for Ohio State students to gain internship experience abroad. These include:

All of these opportunities are officially approved by Ohio State and provide students with a dynamic array of opportunities to pursue an internship abroad. Students going abroad on Ohio State approved programming, Office of International Affairs third-party programs or Office of Global Business programs can earn Ohio State graded credit and retain access to Ohio State grants and scholarships as well as federal financial aid. In addition, all students participating in these programs will be automatically enrolled in Ohio State’s required supplemental insurance for international travel. 

If you have selected an internship through the Office of International Affairs you can directly apply for your program. You can view applications for internships sponsored by the Office of Global Business. Applicable credit approval, financial aid disbursement, insurance registration and other details will be available through the application and admissions process.   


External internship opportunities

If you are searching for an internship abroad or have already identified a potential host for a non-Ohio State sponsored option, we encourage you to use these questions adapted from the Work, Internship and Volunteering Abroad (WIVA) Subcommittee of NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Questions to ask your program:

Most forms of Ohio State financial aid are not applicable to non-Ohio State approved options. For credit-bearing experiences, students may be able to access some forms of federal financial aid if the program can sign a consortia agreement. For non-credit service programs there are generally no forms of Ohio State or federal financial aid that apply. We encourage you not to make immediate payment if an organization recruiting interns on campus asks for money to reserve a placement or secure a spot.  

If your internship offers academic credit, it is not guaranteed that the credit will transfer to Ohio State.

When applying, you may be required to submit:

While you await your admission decision:


Working abroad

For Ohio State students seeking additional international experience upon graduation, the Office of International Affairs encourages you to explore the options available with Ohio State’s Peace Corps office, located in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. If you are looking for a career abroad, we encourage you to access the Buckeye Careers Network. The various college career offices will have advice on pursuing an international career (e.g. Using Going Global and USA/Canada City Career Guides in FutureLink) and workshops on developing your international resume and career.


Ohio State Travel Policies

All Ohio State students pursuing internship experiences abroad that are related to their Ohio State academic or co-curricular objectives (regardless of its affiliation with the university) are required to adhere to the policies and guidelines set forth by the University’s International Travel Policy Committee.


Pre-departure Checklist

Once you have been accepted to your program, be sure to review the pre-departure checklist.