Mar 27, 2024

Student Spotlight: Kshipra Mandlecha

Kshipra Mandlecha, originally from Nashik, India, is a second year international student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Managerial Economics from the Max M. Fisher College of Business. She is also an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholar, which is a two-year program under the Keenan Centre of Entrepreneurship. She shares her journey at Ohio State with the hope of encouraging others to become Buckeyes for Life.

LaunchpadOSU Executive Board (Mandlecha, far right).

What made Ohio State the right choice for you?

Choosing a university as an international student required careful consideration. Two factors were paramount: academic excellence and a rich student culture. Ohio State University emerged as the perfect fit, meeting all my criteria. A diverse and expansive international student population was a priority. OSU's large student body promised a wealth of opportunities to connect with peers from across the globe. Furthermore, gaining direct admission to the highly-reputable Fisher College of Business was a significant advantage. The value of a Fisher degree extends far beyond the U.S. borders, solidifying Ohio State as the ideal choice. After two rewarding years here, I can confidently say it's been an exceptional learning experience. I eagerly anticipate what the next two years hold at Ohio State.

Mandlecha with friends from Phi Gamma Nu putting together care packages for patients and families at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

What resources helped you through the admissions process?

Navigating the international admissions process can be daunting. Fortunately, Ohio State provided exceptional resources throughout my journey. The (Ohio State India) Gateway in Mumbai played a pivotal role from the outset. Upon receiving my admission offer, they promptly contacted me and offered invaluable guidance throughout the document submission process. The Gateway facilitated informative seminars featuring current students and also provided assistance with official paperwork, significantly streamlining the entire process. Following my arrival on campus, the upperclassmen I met through the Gateway seminars emerged as another crucial resource. These individuals generously offered their expertise in deciphering my specialization sheet, navigating course selection, and even facilitating early involvement in relevant organizations. A key lesson learned – every member of the Ohio State community is a potential resource. Do not hesitate to seek assistance; it is a testament to your proactive approach, not a weakness.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholars with Brutus at the President's Buckeye Accelerator Pitches.

Describe your classroom learning experience?

One of the biggest adjustments was the reliance on online textbooks through Carmen. This user-friendly portal surprised me with its efficiency – all my classes, deadlines, grades, and announcements are consolidated in one place. As an international student, this streamlined approach was incredibly helpful! The collaborative learning style has also been a pleasant surprise. Unlike my previous institution's focus on individual study, most classes here emphasize in-class discussions and teamwork. Working in groups on major projects has been a fantastic way to connect with classmates while rapidly developing my teamwork skills. Professors and teaching assistants have been exceptional resources. Office hours, a concept I wasn't previously familiar with, have become a valuable tool for personalized guidance and deeper understanding of course content. Beyond academics, professors have introduced me to a wealth of opportunities at Fisher, including student clubs, global programs, honors options, and internship possibilities. Overall, the classroom experience at Ohio State has been a positive and enriching journey.

Holi with friends at the Indian Students Association event.

What campus resources have you utilized?

During my academic journey, I have used and continue to utilize resources provided by our campus. The International Affairs office guided me seamlessly through CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and OPT (Optional Practical Training) processes, offering insights into internship options and ensuring a smooth transition. The QUIC certification opened doors to exclusive job postings and additional perks, enhancing my career prospects. OCM (Office of Career Management) played a pivotal role in refining my interview and career fair skills. Engaging with the Indian Students Association not only fostered a sense of community but also allowed me to celebrate and connect through vibrant events like Holi, Diwali, and Independence Day. These experiences were instrumental in shaping my holistic development.

How is college preparing you for your future career?

College is not just about textbooks and exams for me. Professors and advisors are turning into career mentors, giving me the inside scoop on internships and jobs. Beyond the academics, I'm honing my leadership skills through group projects and student clubs. Every presentation, every debate, is a chance to build the confidence and communication skills that will help me succeed in my professional career. College is also a playground for exploration. Different courses have opened my eyes to new interests and talents I never knew I had. It's okay if I stumble a bit along the way – that's how I learn what works for me and what doesn't. Plus, the amazing diversity on campus is building my global network, brick by brick. These connections will be gold when I take the leap into entrepreneurship – a dream that feels more attainable every single day. College isn't just preparing me for a career, it's empowering me to launch and lead in the future I'm building.

What resources does Ohio State offer to help keep the campus community safe?

Feeling safe is a top priority, and Ohio State definitely delivers. Campus feels secure with police patrolling 24/7. As an office assistant for the Residence Halls, I've seen firsthand how quickly they respond to emergencies. Living off-campus doesn't mean I'm on my own – the Off-campus Living office gives out free safety devices like door and window alarms and Birdies (personal alarms) for extra peace of mind. Plus, the university keeps everyone informed with alerts about any incidents in the area. Feeling safe and prepared makes all the difference, and Ohio State definitely has my back.