Jun 1, 2022

Research and scholarship grant recipients announced

Seven faculty members, 19 graduate students and three undergraduate students are the recipients of more than $100,000 in funding to pursue international research and scholarship projects during the 2022-23 academic year. The International Research and Scholarship grant competition is supported by the Offices of International Affairs, Research, Student Academic Success and the Global Gateways.

Award recipients plan to conduct research in more than 20 countries and represent five colleges and 15 departments at Ohio State. Grants ranged between $1,000 and $5,000.

Faculty recipients

  • Nora Bello (Department of Animal Sciences) for “Statistical Capacity Building for Agricultural Research through Interdisciplinary U.S.-Uruguay Collaborations” in Uruguay
  • Abby Y. Held (Department of Music) for “Viennese Oboe Recording Project” in Vienna, Austria
  • Ila Nagar (Department of Linguistics) for “Weaponizing Language: How the Hindu Right Undermines Indian Muslims” in India
  • Momar Ndiaye (Department of Dance) for “La SAPE: Transgression or Assimilation” in Congo, Paris and Bruxelle
  • Patrick Sours (Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering) for “Enhancing and Evaluating the Global Capstone Course to Coalesce Engineering Design and Cultural Awareness” in Tanzania, Ghana and Honduras
  • Joel Wainwright (Department of Geography) Conserving and Analyzing Records of the Maya Movement of Belize, Central America” in Belize
  • Max D. Woodworth (Department of Geography) for “Atmospheric Politics: Air Quality, Civic Science, and Digital Democracy in Taiwan” in Taiwan

Graduate student recipients

  • Andri Andriansyah (Department of Teaching and Learning) for “Kindergarten Student Teachers’ Response to Literature Based Teaching in an Online Teacher Preparation Methods’ Course” in Indonesia
  • Andrea Armijos Wills (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) for “Lawsuits, Numbers, and Strategies: Portraits of the Lives of Indigenous Women from the Real Audiencia de Quito in Ecuador, Colombia and Perú
  • Julian Marcel Baldemira (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) for “Breaking Imperial Showcases: Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance in the Human Zoos of Nineteenth Century Latin America” in Chile
  • Natàlia Server Benetó (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) for “Spanish, Catalan, Valencian: A Study of Speakers’ Perceptions and Identities” in València, Spain
  • Shannon Curley (Center for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies) for “Tourism as a Worlding Practice: Indicators of Identity in Balkan Tourist Experiences” in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia
  • Robert Dahlberg-Sears (School of Music) for “Causing a Scene: Music, Space, and the “Punk Ethos” in Tokyo, Japan
  • Mariana Miguelez Gomez (Department of Political Science) for “The ‘Ethnic Card’ and the Commodities Boom in Mexico: How Conflicts for Natural Resources Shape Ethnic Identity” in Mexico
  • Madelyn Green (Department of Anthropology) for “The Impact of Biocultural Strategies on Prehistoric Jomon Biological Diversity” in Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu)
  • Ishmael Laryea Konney (Department of Dance) for “By the Fireside: Making Contemporary Dance a Sommunal Experience through Storytelling” in Ghana
  • Additti Munshi (College of Social Work) for “Social Workers as Decision Makers: A Theory of Planned Behavior Exploration” in India
  • Ayodeji Olugbuyiro (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) for “Afro-Brazilians in Lagos: Cultural Resilience at the Crossroads of Identities” in Nigeria
  • Steven Rhue (Department of Anthropology) for “Acknowledging the Unheard: Documenting Children’s Experiences and Perceptions of Water Insecurity in the Urban Amazon of Brazil” in Brazil
  • Fabián Arroyo Rojas (Department of Human Sciences) for “The Understandings of Inclusion in Physical Education Teacher Education Programs in Chile” in Chile
  • Natalie Romeri-Lewis (Department of Political Science) for “How Latin American Truth-Seeking Influences Violence Against-Women Activism, Discourse, and Legislation: Four Decades of Impact” in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
  • Craig Harris Shapiro (Department of Anthropology) for “Cultivating Resilience: How Ancient Agricultural Systems Sustain an Island” in Samoa
  • Daniel Smith (Department of Political Science) for “A Spatial Dataset of Global Historical Politics”
  • Alexandra Tuggle (Department of Anthropology) for “Embodiment of Environmental Inequality in Indigenous Health and Well-being Among the Comcaac” in Mexico
  • Fabia Weisser (Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures) for “Eberhard Ludwig Gruber and his “Truly Inspirational” Influence in Early Modern Germany and the New World” in Germany
  • Yitong Xin (College of Social Work) for “A Longitudinal Study of Resilience Among Participants Attending Ayahuasca Retreats in Costa Rica” in Costa Rica

Undergraduate student recipients

  • Vivian Corey (Department of Dance) for “Dance Denmark” in Denmark
  • Stephanie Fannin (Department of Anthropology) for “Effects of Infant Growth Perception on Maternal Complementary Feeding Decisions in the Urban Amazon” in Belém, Pará, Brazil
  • Abbey Malec-Kenyon (Department of Dance) for “Ecosystems: Art Existing within the Natural World and Human Experience” in Denmark