Apr 19, 2022

Ohio State Radiation Oncology and All India Institute of Medical Sciences discuss multifaceted collaborations

Senior officials from the Department of Radiation Oncology at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James (OSUCCC – James) and eight faculty members from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) met on February 18 to discuss potential partnerships.

Vishwajeet Phopale, business development specialist, India Gateway, organized the meeting to revisit potential areas of collaboration and build on a relationship that began back in 2016. Through the years, Radiation Oncology and AIIMS have shared research and developments in cancer bio-bank, intra-operative radiotherapy, cost-effective biomarkers in cancer, cost-effective screening technology for cancer, cancer prevention, early detection research and various diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

A delegation from Radiation Oncology visited AIIMS in August 2019 to further the partnership, however, the project was placed on hold due to the global pandemic.

The recent discussion covered several potential areas of collaboration, four of which emerged as promising endeavors:

  • AIIMS will share resumes of potential candidates for post-doctorate, research scientist and research associate positions at OSUCCC – James.
  • Work jointly on a radiomics project in data analysis and visualization by sharing imaging data, with additional cooperative work on data science approach using digital pathology.
  • Make OSUCCC – James virtual radiobiology course for residents available to faculty and students at AIIMS.
  • Participants learn the basics of radiation oncology through the hands-on use of all related technologies and through observation of the radiation therapy process via the International Training Center for Radiation Oncology at Ohio State.