Sep 13, 2023

International Fellowship Program builds capacity

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) International Fellowship Program aims to equip Indian biomedical scientists with advanced training and exposure to cutting-edge knowledge and technology with international experts in their fields. The Ohio State University College of Medicine is one of seven U.S. institutions that will consider fellowship applicants. 

Prospective applicants must directly connect with potential mentors at Ohio State, and final selection for the fellowship will be determined by the Ohio State faculty member based on their criteria, research interests and availability. Ohio State will provide necessary lab space and facilities to support the research efforts of the Indian fellows, while ICMR will cover the fellow's expenses throughout the duration of the fellowship. 

This collaboration not only enriches Ohio State's global engagement but also contributes to building the research capabilities of scientists from the global south. ICMR holds a significant role as the leading agency for fostering, coordinating and advancing biomedical research in India.