May 17, 2024

Global Applied Project in India is a “win-win”

Fisher College of Business students at Tata Play in India for GAP experience.

“Being from India, I had always aspired to collaborate with the Tata group, renowned for their exemplary work culture and corporate reputation. The Fisher College of Business Global Applied Projects (GAP) course at Ohio State turned this aspiration into a reality. My journey with Tata Play was not just about learning and challenges, it was a transformative experience that enriched me both professionally and personally,” shared MBA student Akshay Ganesh. “Applying my MBA knowledge to navigate the Indian market dynamics allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the project, and more importantly, it helped me grow as an individual.”

The GAP course is a 14-week multi-phased engagement that featured remote collaboration with Tata Play from campus during the semester and students traveling to India during spring break. The course requires students to perform preliminary discovery work, define and dissect the problem, conduct primary research, explore potential recommendations, and submit their recommendations to Tata leadership.

“The opportunity for our MBA students to participate in a global, multi-cultural, and life-enriching experience like our GAP course is a commitment we make to prospective students,” said Lori Kendall, academic director for Fisher’s Full-Time MBA program. “This year, one of those Global Applied Projects took a team of four students to India to work with one of the most revered companies in the world. It was my honor and privilege to accompany this team of talented students as they undertook a project to offer a fresh perspective on a thorny challenge of customer loyalty and churn.”

O-H-I-O at Gateway of India in Mumbai

As an international student from India, Ganesh was drawn to the Fisher MBA program for its emphasis on experiential learning through real-world projects. “The GAP program was a significant factor in my decision to pursue an MBA at Ohio State,” he explained. “The opportunity to work on projects that bridge the gap between theory and practice effectively is invaluable. From the moment we received the project briefs, I was particularly intrigued by the challenge of working with a subscriber base of over 22 million, and I was thrilled when I discovered the project would take place in India. The sense of accomplishment I felt upon completing the project was truly rewarding.”

The professional experience and cultural engagement in India proved to be constructive. “The Tata Play team was incredibly supportive, ensuring our comfortable and productive stay. Their hospitality and friendliness made us feel welcome and facilitated a seamless integration into the work environment. My teammates from Ohio State and I had a lot of fun together and developed a strong rapport with the Tata Play team. They were instrumental in helping us explore the city and embrace the local culture, making the entire experience enjoyable and memorable,” Ganesh recounted.

“I highly recommend the GAP program for its ability to provide practical, hands-on experience in a global context. The professional growth and personal enrichment I gained from working with Tata Play has been exceptional.”

The project with Tata Play was a fruitful partnership, as Kendall attests. “The company's CEO expressed gratitude to the students for their valuable recommendations, which we believe will help the firm take novel approaches to retain customers. In return, the students gained a transformative “real-world” experience, seeing their ideas come to life on a global stage, which has prepared them well to stand out in the marketplace upon graduation. I believe this is a true “win-win” situation for everyone involved, underscoring the value and impact of the GAP program.”