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Buckeyes Abroad: Meghana Menta

MeghanaMenta webMeghana Menta, a freshman double majoring in business and psychology at Ohio State Newark, studied abroad on the Past, Present and Future of Liverpool spring break program. 
The summer I graduated from high school, I decided to take some time to write out a goal sheet for my college experience. My first goal was to travel to a new location every break with The Ohio State University. This would be the very first time I traveled to another country without my parents. Keeping that in mind, I decided to take my first trip abroad in Europe. I wanted to be able to speak the language and easily find my way around the area for my first trip without my family. In the future, I plan to take some trips to countries in which I do not know the language and in which I can make a difference.
The education abroad program I decided to go on was Liverpool - Past, Present, and Future. In this program, we have been researching the history of Liverpool as well as working on a project regarding Liverpool. My project is on glocalization. I decided to take a look at the difference in McDonald’s menu items in Liverpool vs the United States of America. I found that Liverpool’s menu offered a variety of healthier options - such as salads and smoothies - as well as vegetarian options. In the United States, our McDonald’s does not provide either option of food on the menu. As I continue the class, I will be dueling deeper into why the McDonald’s in Liverpool has such options and why the United States does not.
I transformed as a person quite a bit over the entirety of the trip! I believe this trip made me become more confident in my actions and decisions, as well as made me feel more independent.
Liverpool webI would 100% encourage other students to study abroad because students can enhance their education, take in a new culture, hone in their language skills, get a new perspective on a different culture and find new interests. I believe when students go on a study abroad trip, they see different things than they do in their home town. When we went to Liverpool, I was able to see the different lifestyle that people live in a different country. Our rules and views are so much different than theirs. It was very interesting to understand, and I believe that if I were to start a business in Liverpool, I now know what kind of products to sell and how to sell them. I hope in the future, I will study abroad in a different country that allows me to practice my language skills and really get a new perspective on the culture.