Ellora Majumder

Ellora Majumder is a senior logistics management major and participated in a virtual global internship in summer 2020 with Pink Mask, an Argentinian nail product company as a marketing intern.

I participated in a virtual global internship through Puentes Abroad, and I chose this program because I was interested in obtaining global work experience even amid a global pandemic. Puentes Abroad works with companies in Argentina and Uruguay, and I believed that this would be a great experience for me to learn about another culture and gain work experience without leaving the safety of my home. 

I was taken on as a marketing intern for the Argentinian nail product company, Pink Mask, and the company wanted to expand and launch in the United States. A transformational moment for me was the full product launch in the U.S. and the company's first U.S. sale. I planned the entire U.S. social media campaign and set up the product launch, so it was incredibly rewarding to see my work pay off and see the visible effect on the company. 

I would definitely recommend a virtual education abroad program for any student. It can be costly to travel abroad, however, the cost is significantly reduced for virtual programs and Ohio State has many financial assistance programs for global internships. In addition, students can gain an understanding of other cultures by working for a global company. Multicultural competency is a great asset in the increasingly globalized world. There are so many opportunities to learn about other cultures without leaving your home, and I think every Buckeye should take advantage of that opportunity. Lastly, in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, there are many remote jobs and there has been an increase in remote working overall. Working independently and communicating virtually are important skills for any student, and this is the perfect opportunity to enhance those skills.