Emma K. Brown

Megan Henning and Emma Brown attend a soccer game.

Emma Brown, a graduate student studying kinesiology in the College of Education and Human Ecology, studied abroad on The European Model of Sport global education program in summer 2023.

I had never been to another continent and I was so excited to be able to learn and experience the rich history and culture in Europe. Our program explored "The European Model of Sport" which differs drastically from our model in the U.S. As a rising professional in the sport industry, I wanted to ensure that my knowledge was holistic. It is so important to be knowledgeable in your field beyond your current surroundings and I don’t know any better way to learn than through experiences!

Through the trip I learned that I can independently navigate other cultures. In our free time we were able to explore the cities we were visiting and it felt incredible to confidently carry myself in other cities and countries. I also learned that after six years off I can still speak some pretty solid French!

It is such a valuable experience to be able to witness other cultures firsthand. Being a global citizen gives you the ability to show other cultures our values of being a Buckeye while also being able to understand and appreciate their values and traditions. I am so grateful for my time abroad and the ability to broaden my perspectives!

Being able to see such behind the scenes locations with exclusive access made this program extremely unique. And being able to see those things alongside fellow Buckeyes who have similar passions made it such a memorable time. The friends that I made on the trip really mean the world to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better group. They made the trip so fun and each day I was excited to make new memories with everyone.