Kate Greer

Kate Greer, senior and Ohio State Student Body President, spent summer 2018 in Europe learning about World War 2.

"Summer 2018 changed my life. I was blessed with the opportunity to use the knowledge and perspectives the past two years at Ohio State have given me to explore what awaits beyond Ohio and American borders," reflects history and German double-major Kate Greer who studied abroad on "The U.S., Europe, And The Second World War - Interactions In 20th Century History." Students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds took courses in the spring semester, meeting frequently in a small-class setting to exchange ideas, to discuss their research, and to prepare for the three-week tour of World War II sites, memorials and museums in Europe during the May.

"From Ireland to England, France to Poland, and the Czech Republic to beautiful Germany, I rediscovered my fierce love of learning, with the world as my classroom, in history, politics, art, dance, theater, literature, travel and more," says Greer. "I did it all with the most incredible people who challenged me to grow and try new things (like work a job entirely in my second language). Thank you Summer 2018 - time to come home to Columbus, see my friends, and play some school. I believe the earth is a good place."

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