Anthony Ursetti

Anthony Ursetti studied abroad through the School for Field Studies in Tanzania during summer 2019.

A change in major prompted Anthony Ursetti to fulfill his dreams to travel and learn more about himself. The opportunity to study the fundamentals of wildlife management in Tanzania proved a perfect fit for the evolution and ecology major and Spanish minor who wants to be a wildlife biologist and work in conservation.

“When I decided to go abroad, I knew it was time for me to travel to a place of my dreams and seize an opportunity to learn about myself and my future. It was fundamentally important for me to gain confidence in my academic decision and my future,” reflected Ursetti.

The landscapes, wildlife and people Ursetti interacted with brought him clarity both personally and academically. “I'll never forget the beauty that I encountered in Tanzania,” he explained. “The local faculty and community members were some of the most welcoming people I have ever met and they made a huge impact on my life and mindset.”

“Since studying with the School for Field Studies, I have had a clear view for my future path and have never felt so certain that I am heading in the right direction.”

The experience abroad bolstered this conservationist goals to protect humanity and the planet that we all share. “Being a global citizen entails having empathy and compassion for people, regardless of location, nationality, or religion,” said Ursetti. “We have to work together in order to protect our planet and ensure that we can thrive as one human race.”