Jordan Sibley

Jordan, a junior marketing major from Akron, studied abroad through the Global May Uganda program in May 2018.

"My study abroad experience changed my worldview in many ways, but the most important was my exposure to what culture means to a developing country like Uganda and how it heavily influences the structure of its families, government and the livelihood of many people who live in this country," Jordan Sibley said. "Sacrifices and decisions are made that we will never understand or even agree with because our loyaly lies in a very different place amongst very different people."

"I also learned to appreciate the differences between the U.S. and Uganda and how it makes a place like Uganda very unique. It makes a difference in the experience if you spend more time appreciating the differences as apposed to rejecting them. Uganda gained independence in 1962 from the British and is very much a work in progress. It is a beautiful place where the grey crowned crane bird on the flag will one day be able to stand on both feet in terms of development and strength."