Kira Laing

Kira Laing interned in Barcelona, Spain on the Fisher Global Internship program

Kira Laing, junior marketing major, interned in Barcelona, Spain and explored various countries close to Spain while on the Fisher Global Internship program in summer 2022.

Being able to work in an office setting abroad was truly unique because I got to know my co-workers and understand how they live their lives. Seeing the differences in environments and the business mentality between the United States and Spain, shifted my perspective on how business was run throughout the world. We all have very different ways of conducting certain things, but in the end, our goals are all the same.  

The Fisher Global Internship program allowed me to intern for a company in Barcelona, Spain. I chose this program because the interns from Ohio State got to live together, and I had the chance to make so many new friends throughout my time in Spain. This program also allows you to have free time and the independence to travel to different countries and explore places in Barcelona after work and on the weekends.  

I would definitely encourage everyone to go abroad because it opened up my eyes to so much and also helped me decide what I want to do in the future. Working in an office and witnessing how other people live their lives, guided me to become more solidified in my major choice and possible job opportunities.