Kami Bumpers

Kami Bumpers, a first year theatre major, participated on the Multicultural Histories and Legacies of Rome: Classics, Colosseums and Cathedrals global education program during spring break 2022.

My education abroad program was focused on global leadership. We discovered and explored the history of Rome and its many leaders from their founders, Romulus and Remus, to their dictators, Mussolini, to their current leadership, Sergio Materella. We also explored leaders of religions such as Judaism, Catholicism and Islam. We also explored leaders in the arts such as Michelangelo. I chose to go to Rome so that I could expand my worldview. Before this trip, I had never been abroad. I wanted to experience a life completely different from my own. Then use my experience as an outsider to make a more inclusive environment on campus and beyond. 

It felt amazing to go abroad. I feel very privileged to be able to travel during the current pandemic. There were many setbacks such as new variants and continuously changing covid travel restrictions, but we made it! Sitting on the nine-hour flight to Italy was so surreal. I was finally making the journey across the sea I had been planning for months. 

I would 100% encourage other students to study abroad. This was my first time ever going abroad and I had a very eye-opening experience. To submerge yourself in an environment that is completely foreign to you gives yourself a different perspective. It allows you to be aware and learn interesting information about global communities. You will be shocked and surprised, but most importantly you will make memories that will last a lifetime.