Mossimo Chavez

Ohio State swim team member Mossimo Chavez studied abroad in summer 2018 through the European Model of Sport program.

"Being able to travel the world is one of the greatest experiences in life, from learning and immersing myself in different cultures to meeting and connecting with new people, Ohio State gave me memories that will last a lifetime," says Mossimo Chavez, a student-athlete on the Ohio State Buckeyes Swimming and Diving program. He studied abroad alongside athletes and other Ohio State students on the "European Model of Sport" program this summer offered through College of Education and Human Ecology.

"The biggest takeaway for me on the trip was realizing how blessed I am to be a part of The Ohio State University. The university itself has so many connections around the country and internationally that we are given opportunities that most schools aren’t. Just being able to go on this trip and tour some of the greatest sport clubs in Europe is a testament to that," reflects Chavez. Read more about the 2018 experience at The Buckeyes Take Europe.