Taylor Cyr

Our study/teach abroad trip to Oaxaca, Mexico has just come to an end, and I can’t help but reflect on the amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth that it was for each member of our program. I learned so much about myself through our teaching placement, graduate school class and the multitude of trips that we took around the state of Oaxaca to truly experience it in all of its glory. I am so beyond thankful for Ohio State and the Fulbright Hays Foundation for making this once in a lifetime trip possible. The best way to grow is outside of your comfort zone, and we all expanded our global lens every day in Mexico! I will definitely bring my family and friends back to Oaxaca so they can also experience the absolute magic that is the place itself and the wonderful people who live here.

I am so excited to bring all of my new knowledge and experiences into my classroom! Although I will miss my fellow Buckeyes a lot once we part ways after the trip, I know that the friendships and memories that we made will last a lifetime. As always, Go Bucks!