Saskia Gobonya

Saskia Gobonya consulted in Paris via the Fisher Global Consulting program.

Saskia Gobonya, an international business major, Alpha Phi Ohio State sister and member of Buckeye Professional Advancement And Development, consulted with PeopleSpheres during summer 2022 via the Fisher College of Business Global Consulting program.

"Originally from Europe, I grew up in Germany and Switzerland for most of my life. I have really missed living abroad and decided to do the Fisher College of Business Global Consulting Project at PeopleSpheres this past May. Let me tell you it was the best experience ever!"

"Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to really understand people from different cultural backgrounds and when you make friends, you learn to embrace people’s perfections alongside their faults. This blessing of knowing many people from many cultural backgrounds has taught me to understand myself better, and the importance of deepening my soft-skills in order to thrive in any situation.

"One of the most important lessons I took away from Paris was that I learned to love and embrace what I didn’t understand. To love the strange, or at least what was strange to me. That sounds silly perhaps, but I learned to love the customs and cultural norms I didn’t quite get the hang of, the conversations I couldn’t quite follow, anything that made me scratch my head in confusion. The frighteningly complex, but somehow efficient flow of traffic, and the obsession with the Sunday picnics in the Louvre gardens. It’s all so different but so full of history and beautiful."

"My advice to you is go abroad! Apply for that program even if it is only for a couple weeks. Choose a location that is unfamiliar to you, and learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. It is a truly life changing experience, and you will grow immensely not only professionally but also personally. See you soon Paris!"