Priya Chandna

Priya Chandna abroad on the Nursing Norway summer 2022 program

Priya Chandna, a graduate student in nursing, was fully immersed in the Nursing Norway summer 2022 program because the program provided real opportunities to practice healthcare while abroad.

Among so many other things, the people (students & faculty from both Ohio State and Norway) on this trip made the experience the most memorable. Everyone was incredibly hospitable and brought our entire group in with open arms, which allowed us to foster deeper friendships with not only my Ohio State peers, but also with my new friends in Norway. 

During undergrad, my study abroad trip got cancelled twice because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and when I heard about this opportunity in my Master’s program, I was so excited to apply! Growing up, I travelled to many countries with my family, and it was always a dream of mine to study abroad so that I could get a more immersive experience with my education. Also, this trip was unique in the sense that we got to actually practice healthcare abroad which is an experience that I will never forget!

I affirmed the fact that I love to travel and try new things! Whether that was new food, transportation, navigating a new city or making new friends, I found myself thriving during our trip to Norway! Academically, I learned more than I’ll ever be able to put into words about the United States and Norwegian healthcare systems. I’m hopeful that as I move forward with my career as a Nurse Practitioner, I will be able to instill the values and techniques that I learned from being abroad in my own practice.

Being a global citizen means taking the time to understand that those around you have something unique and special to offer no matter where they are coming from. During this trip, the biggest “ah-ha” moment I had was at a clinical rotation with my exchange student. As we were talking about IV insertions and injections, it hit me that even though we are studying in countries across the world from each other, we speak different languages and our lived experiences are not the same, at the end of the day, we both chose to go into nursing for very similar reasons. What we found to be true, is that we are both intently studying the human body and practicing how to be kind, compassionate and empathetic to those around us while also providing top notch healthcare. For me, this is the epitome of being a global citizen - being able to recognize and celebrate shared values across cultures.