Mikayla Moore

Mikayla Moore, a junior majoring in arts management, studied abroad at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic in summer 2019.

I studied abroad with the AIFS program that worked with the East and Central European Studies department of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the oldest universities in the world. My education abroad program was a month long summer program where I stayed in one of Charles University's student dorms and commuted to my classes four times per week in the Old Town. I took Czech Language 1 while I was there and had time on the weekends to explore other parts of Europe. I went to Krakow, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; and Slovakia.

I chose this education abroad program because I wanted to use my STEP money to explore a new language and be immersed in a culture that I am really fascinated with. My transformational moment abroad happened when I was solo traveling around Europe. I learned so much more about myself and developed more independence and love for traveling that I didn't have before. I would absolutely encourage other students to study abroad! Studying abroad changes your lives and broadens your horizons to what else is out there in terms of other people, places and ideas, and there's nothing like seeing those in person. You learn a lot about yourself putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, and you become a better person by doing so.