Jessica Langer

Jessica Langer working Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee with CBS News in London.

Jessica Langer, a journalism major, took a walking history class and interned with CBS New London during her Arcadia University - London Internship Program in summer 2022.

I’ve always wanted to go abroad. It is such a cool experience and something that would be out of my comfort zone. And this summer, I went to London where I took a walking history course and did an internship with CBS News’ London bureau. This time spent abroad was one that I will never forget.

Professionally, I was able to learn from some of the prominent CBS employees. I learned how to hone down my researching skills and pitch stories on a global scale. My favorite experience was working Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee with CBS and being able to see her on the balcony. For the jubilee, I was given a lot more responsibility than I thought I would get as an intern, and it definitely boosted my confidence out in the field. As a whole, this opportunity gave me an insight into how I want to grow as a journalist and the goals I hope to accomplish within the next couple of years. I went into the internship unsure if I had what it took to do broadcast journalism, but the amount of trust I was given gave me a lot of confidence in my reporting skills.

Personally, I have really grown into my own skin. This experience helped me realize how independent I can be. I traveled, met amazing people and created great memories. Being with such great people, I was able to learn how crucial it is to stay true to yourself and always be up to try new things. I did both this summer and am so grateful for the opportunity.

I took away some amazing memories and lessons that I know will stay with me for years to come. I encourage anyone who loves traveling and wants to try something new to go abroad.