Kyle Madura

Kyle Madura

Third year Kyle Madura, finance and political science major, participated in a virtual internship with Tonal Media, a strategy consulting firm in Argentina during summer 2020.

I did a summer internship with Puentes Abroad, an organization that matches students with jobs of interest in Argentina and Uruguay. I was put with Tonal Media, a strategy consulting firm, and served as a strategy consultant for political figures and public officials. I selected this program because I had great interest in this region from past classwork, and the work being in a similar time zone was very convenient. In addition, the staff at Puentes was incredibly accommodating and really gave back to us.

My work was very focused on the political sphere of Argentina and how the regional issues affected the population. Understanding this area of the world better from a practical standpoint, while also being able to combine my academics with real life applications was incredibly transformational. I walked away with a better understanding of international affairs and was able to better understand my future professional ambitions.

This is the most ideal way to participate in global internship during a time period where travel is restricted. I cannot recommend it enough for any student that seeks to enhance their perspective on global business and international studies.