David Carlton

David Carlton, a sophomore accounting major and African American and African studies minor, studied abroad through the Between France and Morocco: Diversity in the Francophone World in May 2018.

Since my freshman year started, I knew I wanted to pursue all opportunities that would give me a great experience. Considering that this program was all contained within the month of May, I thought it was the perfect amount of time to experience new cultures while also not taking too much time away from home and other responsibilities. This program turned out to be a great comparison between two cultures that are mutually affected by an intertwined history.

My transformational moment abroad was definitely seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time. In that moment I instantly reflected on my entire life up to this point, and further realized how lucky I was in many instances.

If possible, I would definitely encourage other students to study abroad. If you leave an opportunity like this now, it may not come up again for a long time! Not to mention that it’s always encouraged to travel in your youth.