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Education Abroad Profile - Lindsey Kinderdine

Lindsey Kinderdine, Chile

Program: ISA Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines - Chile 
Location: Valparaiso, Chile
Rank: Senior 
Major: Spanish; International Studies 

"When I decided to study abroad, I wanted to completely immerse myself in my language of study, Spanish. There are so many dialects to choose from, and so many interesting places to explore, but I chose to study in Chile. Not only is Chile home to a particular dialect of Spanish that I found challenging, but the geography of that long, skinny country at the end of the world is diverse and breathtaking. Additionally, the option to take courses with Chilean students at la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso was appealing to me, since I wanted a truly immersive experience.

Lindsey Kinderdine, Chile

Studying abroad in Valparaíso was an experience that forced me to develop my language skills, interact with people from all over the world, and develop a worldview that has influenced all aspects of my life.

I will never be able to forget sitting on the beach with my new Chilean friend, speaking fluidly between English and Spanish, and watching the sunset before missing our bus back into town! My language skills, my capacity to navigate in a different culture and my sense of adventure were all put to the test as we had to find our way home before it was too late at night!”

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