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Resident Director Profile: Salome Fouts

Salome Fouts (RD) with student Devin Hill in Uganda

Program: Global May Uganda 
Location: Kampala, Kamuli, Jinja, Murchison Falls National Park (Uganda) 
Year as Resident Director: 2014, 2015
Affiliated Department: Department of African American and African Studies

What inspired you to develop and/or lead this study abroad program?

Uganda is a beautiful country with warm hospitable peoples. It is also the country of my birth that I enjoy visiting. When I was asked by the Office of International Affairs to lead the Global May Uganda program, I jumped at the opportunity. My take is that when someone really loves and enjoys something, the pleasure is amplified by sharing it with others.

What did you enjoy, or was most memorable, about being a resident director for study abroad?

I have several of these. I enjoyed watching student dynamics evolve from individualism to a sense of family community. I also enjoyed looking at my own culture through the eyes of my students, and taking note of things that I often take for granted. I liked to see my students going through the change of seeing the world solely through the lens of American pop culture to experiencing another global culture during their visit to Uganda.

Why do you think it is important for faculty to develop and/or lead study abroad programs?

Fouts with study abroad student Chloe WilliamsIt’s important to experience, rather than just reading about another country or culture, students' understanding and appreciation of another culture is so much greater.

How does your study abroad program raise student awareness of what it means to be a global citizen and to have global perspectives?

During their visit to Uganda, students realize that problems in Uganda (and other parts of the developing world) are not all homegrown, but reflect influences from many global players.