International Scholars

Bela Csukas

Bela Csukas models agro-environmental systems by programmable process structures for sustainable engineering.

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Xiangping Cui

Xiangping Cui's explores transnational intercollegiate collaborative learning in the context of China’s Belt and Road initiative.

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Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson is testing virtual reality simulation so that surgeons can practice in a risk-free environment.

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Dina Moustafa

Dina Moustafa is studying possible resistance mechanisms of PARP inhibitors as a treatment for triple-negative breast cancer.

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Farah Deeba

Her research seeks to test safer and sustainable control measures to stop pathogenic fungi on fruits and vegetables.

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Alvaro Avila

The results of his work will provide a breakthrough in understanding the patterns of extreme weather over the Arctic.

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Alice Marciniak

Her study will provide information about underutilized ingredients and by-products of the dairy industry.

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Aiyan Hu

Her research confirmed that intra-tumoral delivery of AAV-IL-27 is a feasible approach to be used for the treatment of cancer.

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Aishwarya Kakade

She is developing better carbon canisters for cars to trap fuel vapors and prevent them from escaping into the environment.

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Yalda Khosravi

She developed an artificial mouth system in order to assess better ways to manage oral plaque.

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Wenjie Tao

He researched strategies to convert methane to liquid methanol fuel for efficient utilization of natural gas.

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Xiaodan Gao

She is studying the organic coatings of sorbed humic substances and their role in the colloid stability and aggregate structure in soils.

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Nalan Nogay

She conducted a study to assess the effect of the low FODMAP diet in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Christian Oberdorfer

Christian Oberdorfer conducted an atomistic simulation of field evaporation in Atom Probe Tomography.

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Nathalia Oliveira

Her study verified whether the fall armyworm’s corn and rice strains present differences in gut microbiota composition.

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Fengkui Qian

He tested the implementation of the land evaluation and site assessment system used on farmland soil quality.

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Rachel Rayner

She conducted a study demonstrating that expanded cultures can be used to test new therapies to evaluate personalized treatments.

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Pratibha Sharma

Pratibha Sharma is in the Department of Neuro Oncology. Her research examined the feasibility of targeting NAMPT as a therapy against gliomas.

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Juri Smirnov

His research revealed that the mass of the thermally produced Dark Matter particles has to be lower than previously expected,.

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Yu Gao

Yu Gao conducted a study on the impact of ice sheets on global monsoon systems.

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Carley Goodwin

The goal of her research is to provide new insights into the structure and properties of teeth.

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Sujeet Kumar

Sujeet Kumar's research will aid in the development of novel anti-microbial remedies to control infections.

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Bo Li

Bo Li's project comprehensively studies the evolution of the ribosomal protein gene family in grapes.

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Ulrika Lindmark

Ulrika Lindmark's research explores quality of life and loneliness as it relates to oral health in Swedish adults.

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Qiongqiong Liu

Her study provides an introduction to the challenges and opportunities facing the commercial vehicle industry.

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Antonino Malacrino

He is studying the mechanisms that drive plant-microbe-insect interactions for better pest management strategies.

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Manjunath Manubolu

He developed assessment methods to identify and measure toxins produced by blue-green algae cyanobacteria.

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Daniela Tufano

The purpose of her research is to identify a methodology to properly estimate fuel economy along real world routes.

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Jianyu Yu

The primary goal of his research is to determine the role of CD200R in inflammatory bowel disease.

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Mingjie Zhao

His study focused on improving the performance of electric city buses equipped with Automated Manual Transmission.

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Lin Zou

Her research concluded the necessity of understanding recent changes in China’s legal system.

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