Jul 10, 2023

Visiting scholars benefited from Summer Institute training

Three visiting scholars participated in the Global One Health Summer Institute’s inaugural  Experiential Resource Learning and Bioinformatics training program held June 5 to June 30. This closed session was exclusively designed to strengthen the research capacities of Eastern African partner institutions.

Participants included:

  • Robert Onsare, senior research scientist and head of the Salmonella/AMR Surveillance units at the Centre for Microbiology Research at the Kenya Medical Research Institute
  • Feven Sahle, Omics team lead at the Ohio State Global One Health, LLC
  • Eyasu Seyoum, a senior lab expert at the Ohio State Global One Health, LLC

The Summer Institute training module brought together experts from The Ohio State University and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-Fogarty International Center (FIC). Their collaborative efforts resulted in a rich and transformative learning experience for visiting scholars from Eastern African partner institutions.

The primary focus of the training was to provide hands-on experiential learning in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics. By offering practical sessions, participants were equipped with invaluable skills and knowledge to enhance their bioinformatic capabilities, fostering a deeper understanding of cutting-edge research methodologies.

This initiative aimed to promote a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing between institutions in Eastern Africa and the renowned research centers in the United States. By fostering these international connections, the Summer Institute mobilizes research initiatives that address global health challenges.

The Summer Institute remains dedicated to promoting inclusive and innovative learning experiences, breaking down geographical barriers and empowering scholars worldwide to make a significant impact on global One Health.

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The training module was made possible through the financial support of the One Health Eastern Africa Research Training (OHEART) program, funded by the NIH-FIC Grant# D43TW008650.