May 27, 2022

Hong Kong alumni raise funds for children with cancer

Finding ways to pay forward is a long-time tradition of every Buckeye and the spirit of giving runs deep within The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Hong Kong, which recently raised HK$140,588 (close to $18,000 USD) to help children with cancer and their families in need.

The Alumni Club of Hong Kong collaborated with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ Lee Ching Dee Memorial College Alumni Association to spontaneously organize “Shave with Love,” a charity event held on May 7 at the Asia Society where volunteers shaved their heads to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Approximately 180 children are diagnosed with cancer annually in Hong Kong.

“I am a mother of two teenage girls. I thought I have my fair share of episodes raising them.” said Elaine SY Chan (BSBA ‘98), a member of the Alumni Club of Hong Kong and one of the “Shave with Love” organizers. “After organizing the event with the help from Children’s Cancer Foundation’s colleagues and the stories they told me, I am humbled by understanding what a journey the kids with cancer and their families have to go through.  “Shave with Love” is a great opportunity for us and our younger generation to learn how to care about those in need and show our support to them. Let the kids with cancer and other serious disease know that they are not walking alone.”

Alice Mong, executive director of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center and a member of the board of directors of The Ohio State Alumni Association, attended the charity event as well as Ohio State alumni Daniel Leung, Elain YN Chan and Wincy Chan.