Feb 23, 2023

Future collaborations with AASTU may be on the horizon

Global One Health initiative (GOHi) leadership met with representatives from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) to initiate potential collaborations that build research capacity. Representatives from GOHi and AASTU presented overviews of their current activities and identified opportunities for mutually beneficial areas of focus.

The teams discussed thematic areas for collaborative efforts and how to move forward. Some potential areas of collaboration are partnership in biotechnology, staff capacity development through exchange programs, co-applications for research funding support, partnership in technology transfer, collaboration with the AASTU Center of Excellence, and linkage with industries. Shared research interests include industrial microbe and probiotics studies, antimicrobial resistance and improved antibiotics research, biomaterials and biosimilars, omics science for diagnostic tool development, plant microbe and animal biotechnology, nutraceuticals and herbal medicine and product development laboratories. Leadership discussions and evaluation of future opportunities will continue between AASTU and GOHi.