May 18, 2023

COVID-19 enrollment guidance ending Autumn 2023

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently announced that COVID-19 guidance will end with the start of autumn semester 2023. Following pre-pandemic enrollment guidance, only three credit hours of distance/online courses will count toward full-time enrollment.

View the university registrar’s definition of courses online. Below is how online courses will be determined to maintain a legal immigration status:

  • Distance Learning (considered online)
  • Distance Enhanced (considered online)
  • Hybrid Delivery is (considered in-person)
  • In-Person

As a reminder, students must be enrolled in the following credit hours to be considered full-time:

  • 12 credit hours for undergraduate students
  • 8 credit hours for graduate students, with or without a Graduate Assistant (GA) position
  • 12 credit hours for fellowship students
  • 3 credit hours for post-candidacy doctoral graduate students
  • 4 credit hours for Graduate Assistants (GA) during summer term
  • 6 credit hours for fellowship students during summer term

Students should contact their advisor to address any academic questions, the university’s help desk at for technical questions and immigration coordinators at the Office of International Affairs at with immigration-related concerns.