Oct 24, 2022

Alumni Club of South India convenes first board meeting

Alumni Club of South India was established in May 2022.

The Alumni Club of South India (ACSI) convened its first board meeting on September 11, with Shankar Venkatachalam, president; Rajesh Durairaj, treasurer; and Archana Pothina, secretary, meeting via zoom to discuss the formation of ACSI, outline the roles and responsibilities of club leadership, and plan alumni-related events and activities for the calendar year.

Catering to alumni based mainly in south India, the club plans to engage Buckeyes by merging existing city-based WhatsApp groups into one main group, by adopting a membership model, and by hosting alumni engagement events such as game nights, networking sessions, and mentoring opportunities. The club members will also speak with  prospective students, offer health and wellness insights, and create community service opportunities. The alumni club has built a roadmap for the south India chapter to engage as many alumni in the region as possible with fun-filled and meaningful activities.

The Ohio State University Alumni Association and the India Gateway continue to support ACSI and provide assistance in various ways as needed.